The food safety and standard authority of India is a support organization to monitor and control the food trade in India. It is an autonomous body established under the ministry of health and family welfare government of India. FSSAI has been established under the food safety and standards Act 2006. Food business operators require FSSAI registration it depends on parts like size of production, nature of food business activities, management and scope of operation. In the FSSAI registration process, FBO will get a 14 digit number that needs to be printed on the edible food packages. Food safety and standards authority ACT to ensure laws related to food and the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale of food and is used to establish science –based standards for rectification on rectangles so that human consumption and to ensure availability of food for other food related issues. The food safety and standards authority of India and the state food authority are responsible for the implementation of FSSAI jointly. FSSAI registration ensures safety of food products and it is essentially a food safety certificate circulated by the food authority in India. All manufactures, merchants, restaurant and exporters are eligible to issue FSSAI license.

FSSAI license eligibility

The following units can obtain central FSSAI license-

  • Dairy units which include milk chilling units equipped to handle and process.
  • Vegetable oil processing units and unit that produce vegetable oil by the process of solvent extraction and refineries that includes oil expeller unit.
  • Slaughtering units
  • Meat processing  units
  • Food processing units that include relabeller and repackers.
  •   Proprietary foods.
  • 100% export oriented units.

Documents required for FSSAI central license

  • The required documents for obtaining central FSSAI license are as follows-
  • Form-B duly completed and signed by the proprietor or owner.
  • Blueprint or layout of the location.
  • Contact details of the directors.
  • The list and details of the equipment and machinery type.
  • Proprietor’s photo ID and address proof issued by the government of India.  In case of a company the directors photo ID and address proof.
  • Analysis of water report from a recognized/ public health laboratory.
  • Proof of possession of premises.
  • Pesticide residues report of water in case of units manufacturing mineral or carbonated water from recognized /public health.
  • NOC and copy of the license from the manufacturer.
  • Food safety management system plan or certificate.
  • Source of milk, if applicable.
  • Source of meat and meat processing units, if applicable.
  • NOC from the municipality and local body, if applicable.
  • MCA incorporation certificate, if applicable.
  • If applicable, supporting proof of turnover.
  • NOC/PA issued by FSSAI.
  • IE code issued by DGFT for importers.
  • A certificate provided by ministry of tourism, if applicable.
  • Supporting proof of turnover for vehicles, if applicable.
  • FSSAI declaration form.

Documents for FSSAI state license

  • Form- B duly completed and signed by the proprietor.
  • Blueprint or layout of the area location.
  • Contact details of the directors.
  • List and details of the types of equipment and machinery.
  • Proprietor’s photo ID and address proof issued by the government of India.
  • List of food category that has to be manufactured.
  • Authority letter with the name and address of the responsible person.
  • Proof of possession of premises.
  • Partnership affidavit of proprietorship.
  • NOC and copy of license from the manufactured.
  • Food safety management system plan or certificate.

Benefits of FSSAI License

  • Having FSSAI license allows businesses to improve and increase their credibility.
  • FSSAI provides wide recognition people to ensure harmony among consumers.
  • The FSSAI license also assists in the manufacture storage, distribution and sale of regulated import food.
  • Food business can get legal benefits from obtaining a FSSAI license.
  • FSSAI license can ensure food safety consumer awareness can be created and it can help to expand the business.
  • FSSAI license make sure you provide quality food. The check involves every person who directly or indirectly contributes to the food product and thus brings faith to consumers.

Businesses that require an FSSAI registration certificate

  • Hotels
  • Food importers and exporters
  • Food chains
  • Food sellers and resellers
  • Transporters
  • Restaurants
  • Retailers having a retail outlet
  • Wholesalers
  • Food canteens
  • Food suppliers
  • Dairy processing
  • Processing food
  • Packaged food manufactures.

Type of FSSAI registration

Basic License

If the annual turnover of the business is less than 12 lakhs then the food business operators shall get registered.

State License

If the annual turnover of the business is between 12 to 20 crores then the food business operators shall apply for state license.

Central License

If the annual turnover of the business is above 20 crores then the food business operator shall apply for central license.

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