When the applicant fill the application form for trademark registration, after then the trademark officer thoroughly analyses the trademark and give a report of why the trademark could not be registered. This is one of the initial stages of the trademark registration process. Through this the trademark officer tries to tell the applicant for what reasons your registration has not been done and how to remove these shortcomings mistakes so that your trademark is registered. Appropriate reply must be made by the applicant within one month of issue of the trademark object. Trademark objection can happen for many reasons like; similarity with an existing trademark, absence of a distinct design, offensive to particular religion. It can be filled by the examiner, registrar or any third party.

Reasons for trademark objections              

  • If the application contains incomplete or wrong information: If any wrong details are given by the applicant while filling the application form or if he has given the incomplete detail so in that case trademark objection is issued by the trademark officer.
  • There is already a similar trademark in existence: If organization’s trademark is similar to any other organization then trademark objection will be on your trademark.
  • Offensive to particular religion: if the trademark selected by the applicant is anti- religious then the trademark can be rejected.
  • Incorrect information about goods and services: Trademark objection may apply if the applicant gives false or misleading or ambiguous information about the goods/ services.

Advantages of a Trademark objection

  • It protecting the brand against infringement
  • Trademark objections alert the person to deal with future interruptions in the business.
  • Trademark object helps to identify the mistakes and deficiencies made by the applicant in the application form so that the mistakes made by him can be rectified and the trademark can be prevented from being rejected.

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