A public limited company can be formed under the companies Act 2013. These companies are formed completely within the legal systems. The best feature of a public company is that the shareholders of the company can share their risk by selling shares to the public. There is no restriction of shares of these companies and there is no restriction on the maximum number of its members. It is mandatory for a public limited company for file annual compliances on time as per dates defined by Registrar of Companies (ROC). If these returns are not filed on time, then the company has to pay the fine.

Documents required for annual compliances of a Public Limited Company

  • Audited Trading and Profit & Loss A/C
  • Auditor’s report
  • Cash flow statement
  • Detail of Shares & Debentures
  • Register of members
  • Detail of Debts.
  • Address Proof of Registered office
  • Compliance certificate for CS
  • Details of change in shareholding structure of the company
  • Detail of management of the company
  • Detail of Directors of the company
  • Maintenance of Register
  • Details of transfer of securities

Compliances for a Public Limited Company

  • Form MGT-7: It is mandatory for a Public Limited Company to file the forms as per the norms and regulations of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. MGT – 7 is an electronic form which is filed by companies to file annual return of business. This form regarding the information of directors and shareholders of the company. The company should have to file MGT-7within 60days from the Annual General Meeting date.

Attachments for MGT-7:

  1. List of Shareholders and Debenture holders
  2. Approval letter for augmentation of AGM
  3. Copy of MGT-8, if applicable
  4. Optional attachments, if any
  • Form AOC-4: This form is used to file the financial statements for each financial year with the ROC (Registrar of Companies). In form AOC-4 should be Balance Sheet, Director’s report, Cash Flow Statement Auditor’s report and the consolidated financial statement prepared in Extensible Business Reporting System (XBRL). The company should have to file AOC-4 within 30 days of holding the AGM.
  • Income Tax Return: A public company has to fill form ITR-6 to submit their Income Tax Return. Company should have to file their return on the before 30th September of the financial year. Some cases this date may be extended.
  • Form MR-3 (Secretarial Audit Report): When Company’s total paid-up- capital is equal to or exceeds Rs. 50 crore or its annual turnover is equal to or exceeds Rs. 250 crore.
  • Form MGT-14: This form is used for the adoption of financials and Director’s report. This form should have to file within 30 days from the board meeting.    
  • Form MGT-15: Form MGT-15 regarding an exclusive report on the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company. Annual General Meeting to be conducted as the provisions of the Companies Act, 2013 [Section 121(1)].
  • Annual Compliances under all rules and regulations with SEBI

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