ITR-7 Form Filling

The ITR-7 form is for people or companies who file returns under Section

Section 139(4A) or

Section 139 (4B) or   

Section 139(4C) or

Section 139 (4D)

Section 139(4A)

Under section 139(4A) income from such property which is kept for religious purpose. It is necessary to file a return.

Section 139 (4B)

Section 139(4B) especially for those political parties who are eligible to file income tax return under Income Tax Act. 1961. Under this political parties are required to file returns when the total income exceeds the maximum tax limit exemption.     

Section 139(4C)

Under section 139 (4C) it is necessary to file a return to those institutes for which the accumulated amount exceeds the tax exemption. Mainly this section related to scientific research institutions.

Section 139 (4D)

This section related to colleges and universities. Under this section, such deposit of university, college, khadi and village industries and other institutions which are outside the allowable limit of tax exemption, they are required to file returns under this section.                                                                                                                             

The following institutions can file their returns under section 139(4D):

  • News agency
  • Institute referred to in section 10(23B)
  • Mutual funds
  • Core settlement guarantee
  • Board or authority referred to in section 10(29A)
  • Research associates
  • Association or institutions referred to in section 10(23A)
  • Persons referred to in section 10(23AAA)
  • Infrastructure debt fund
  • Trade unions
  • Institutions, university, or other educational institutions or any hospital or any medical institutions
  • Investor protection fund
  • Body or authority or board or trust or commission referred to in section 10(46)
  • Venture capital company or venture capital fund
  • Board or authority referred to in section 10(29A)

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